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Alpha Bank SA in addition to its status as a credit institution, it also acts as an insurance intermediary. For more information click here

Do not worry about repaying your loan

Get Alpha Borrowers Insurance, the comprehensive plan of housing loan protection and secure its regular repayment in case of financial difficulties that may arise from contingencies.

Stop worrying about the repayment of your loan in case of contingencies or about the repayment of instalments in case of temporary difficulties through the insurance plan we designed jointly with Generali, exclusively for you, who have selected the Alpha Bank housing loan.

Covers of the "Alpha Borrowers Insurance" plan:

  • Loan repayment in case of loss of life or total permanent disability of the borrower for any reason
  • Loan instalment repayment in case of hospitalization, strike or temporary total disability due to accident or illness.

Get Alpha Borrowers Insurance and benefit from:

  • low single cost for all borrowers
  • premium decrease in line with the outstanding balance
  • additional benefits in relation to competition:
    • coverage of hospitalization
    • coverage of temporary disability
    • unemployment coverage
    • low cost in relation to individual insurance policies.