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A new era for your savings

Start creating as from today the capital that will meet your future needs and will support your smaller or larger future plans, by selecting the modern insurance-investment product, designed by Alpha Bank in collaboration with Alphalife S.A.: “Alpha Exelixis”.

Start saving regularly and make a long-term investment through Alpha Bank's regular payment program, in order to build up a capital for your future.

Start saving today and benefit from:

  • investing premiums in alternative investment  portfolios of the Alpha (LUX) Global Funds, based on the prioritization of your insurance  needs and the assessment of your investment profile 
  • management of Mutual Funds by Alpha Asset Management A.E.D.A.K.
  • option to change your investment strategy, based on your life cycle stages
  • life insurance coverage 
  • automatic payment of premiums by standing order charged to your bank account
  • thousands of Bonus points, depending on the annualized premium.

Bonus Loyalty Program

Terms and conditions applying to the Alpha Exelixi Program:

If you apply for an Alpha Exelixi regular payments program by 31.03.2021, you will be rewarded with Bonus points :

  •  Bonus points are earned at the rate of 10 for every €1 of net annualized premium referring to the net premium of  the first year. 
  • Bonus points are credited to your Bonus card provided that the receipt declaration of the insurance policy has been sent to AlphaLife and that the deadlines for exercising the rights to objection and withdrawal (14 and 30 days, respectively, from the date on which the Policy is served on the Counterparty) have lapsed without exercising the right. 
  • Bonus points from the Alpha Exelixi program are credited to your Bonus card and are available for redemption at the Premium Plus Merchants and the other 4,000 partner merchants of the Bonus Programme.
  • If you are not already a Bonus card holder, you can apply to have an Enter Bonus card issued to your name and earn additional welcome Bonus points as well as a free subscription for the first year.

Information on the Bonus Program, the Program’s partner Merchants and the most recent Bonus points redemption offers is also available online. Alternatively, you can call 0030 210 326 0000.

Secure electronic transactions
The security of your transactions is our priority. We ask our Customers to follow the guidelines for the security of electronic transactions provided by Alpha Bank, especially at this time that phishing attacks have significantly increased.

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