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The term deposit that is adjusted to your needs

Increase the value of your capital both in Euro or other available currencies. Select your preferred Negotiable Term Deposits and benefit from attractive returns.

All you have to do is specify the capital you wish to invest, from Euro5,000 or the equivalent in foreign currency, and the preferred duration of the term deposit. 

In Negotiable Term Deposits:

  • The interest rate is determined at the time you open your time deposit and remains fixed throughout its duration. 
  • Interest and capital payments are deposited on the maturity date of your deposit, in your specified Current or Savings account.
  • Your time deposit may be automatically renewed upon request at maturity for the same period, according to your instructions*, at the interest rate prevailing on the date of renewal. Option for capitalisation of interest is also provided.
  • Upon request, you may receive by e-mail and/or SMS Alerts information on important events relating to your time deposit (e.g. maturity, change of linked account, early withdrawal, etc.).

* You may modify your instructions throughout the term of your time deposit


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