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One Term Deposit - Multiple Benefits!

Choose Alpha Bonus Term Deposit and gain twice as much

Benefit from attractive interest rates, while also earning Bonus points on your credit card for your everyday purchases.

Alpha Bonus Term Deposit offers you:

  • Competitive interest rate for amounts over Euro 20,000 for a term of three (3), six (6) and twelve (12) months
  • A percentage of Bonus points proportionate to the Term Deposit
  • Extra reward with Bonus points for capital increase
  • Interest payments to your account every month or quarter, depending on the term
  • Option for premature total withdrawal of capital, without penalty.*

*Option offered only upon expiry of the product's interest calculation periods.

Link your Alpha Bonus Term Deposit to your Bonus card

Bonus points earned from your term deposit are credited to your linked Bonus card. Earn thousands of Bonus points and redeem them at any Premium Plus Bonus Merchant and the 4,000 affiliated Bonus Loyalty Program Merchants.

How to collect your Bonus points from your Term Deposit: If you already have an Alpha Bank Bonus card, just link it to your Alpha Term Deposit.

If you are not already a cardholder, apply for an Enter Bonus card and earn more welcome Bonus points plus a free subscription for the first year.

Term Deposit with Bonus