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Enjoy a world full of benefits and gold rewards offered by Alpha Bank Bonus Visa Gold.

Use your gold credit card to make your purchases, collect Bonus points and redeem them by choosing among unique products and exclusive services of thousands of merchants across Greece, who are affiliated to the Bonus Loyalty Program.

Furthermore, your card participates at Βοnus Exclusive and offers you the chance to get unique products from the online catalogue. As a Bonus Exclusive member, you can choose products directly from the affiliated merchants’ e-shops and have them delivered-directly, at your address.


Frequent questions

What are Alpha alerts?

Alpha alerts are notifications sent to you by Alpha Bank in real time, every time you:

  • Shop using your card.
  • Withdraw cash within your card credit limit (cash advance).
  • Withdraw cash from your account at ΑΤΜs in Greece or abroad.
  • Carry out transactions using e-Banking.

You can choose between Viber/SMS or email notifications.