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  • All Bonus tickets include a checked baggage allowance of up to 23K per passenger
  • The Bonus points mentioned correspond to one-way flights.
  • Find out about short-haul flights and long-haul flights. 
  • For roundtrip flights, twice the number of points is required.
  • Redemption (conversion) of Bonus points to Miles of AEGEAN’s and Olympic Air's Miles+Bonus Program, is allowed only for Bonus points that have been collected during the previous 12 months exclusively through the use of the co-branded Aegean Bonus Visa, Aegean Bonus Visa Premium and Aegean Bonus Visa Debit cards, and are available at the time of their redemption. If a co-branded Aegean card has been declared as the destination card of Bonus points collected from time deposits or other banking products, then these points can also be converted into Miles+Bonus miles. Bonus points collected with Aegean co-branded cards and not redeemed in the Miles+Bonus Program, can redeemed on any other Bonus Program offers.
  • Holders of Aegean co-branded cards have the option to convert the Bonus points they have accumulated on their card to Miles+Bonus Program Miles, by placing a request for the recurring monthly conversion of Bonus points to Miles to Alpha Bank Customer Service, as well as to AEGEAN, by phone and online at, using the Online Points Conversion service. 
  • Bonus points are converted to miles only in multiples of 4, at the following ratios:
    Aegean Bonus Visa: 4 Bonus points = 4 Miles
    Aegean bonus Visa Premium: 4 Bonus points = 5 Miles
    Aegean bonus Visa Debit: 4 Bonus points= 2 Miles
  • The redemption of Bonus points for the issuance of Bonus tickets directly at AEGEAN, through the Alpha Bank Bonus Program, using all available points collected from any Bonus card, without exception, which cardholders may have in their myBonus Single Points Account, remains in effect.
  • It is clarified that Bonus Tickets do not include taxes, airport charges, AIA (Athens International Airport) charges, reinsurance premiums, as well as any additional charge or fee (hereinafter “Charges”) imposed on passengers by any Authority or Body. The Charges are borne by the Cardholder and are charged exclusively to the Card that was used to make the redemption at the time of issuance of the Bonus Ticket.
  • The general availability of seats does not imply the availability of Bonus seats, whose number per flight is limited. Find out about the terms of issuance of Bonus tickets at AEGEAN and Olympic Air.
  • Bonus Program merchants have the right to revoke or change their offers before they expire.
  • Redemption offers expire on 31.12.2023.
  • There is a minimum charge on the card of 0.01 euros per transaction.

Learn more about the terms governing the redemption of Bonus points for issuing and using coupons: Aegean
Get a coupon by redeeming points through the Bonus app from 15.07.2023 to 17.10.2023. Each coupon represents a discount for bookings from 15.07.2023 to 17.10.2023 and for flights from 15.07.2023 to 31.03.2024.

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