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Ensure additional of extra privilege in your payroll account

Get Alpha Bank's overdraft Programme Alpha Epipleon and ensure additional cash in your payroll account, whenever you need it.

With Alpha Epipleon you don't have to set predetermined instalments on fixed dates. Every time you use your overdraft limit, you are being charged with interest rates corresponding to  the amount and the period of time that you have used it.

For example, if you need an additional Euro 300 off your bank account for 10 days, using the Alpha Epipleon, you can now overdraw with a charge of less than Euro 1* for this period of time (depending on the type of your deposit account).

*The above mentioned charge is calculated with a nominal interest rate of 11.75%, plus the contribution to law 128/75 (today 0,60%).

Instalment calculator

Get a better image of your monthly budget, by calculating the monthly instalment of your loan. We reassure you that the data you enter in the following fields are not recorded in our archives. 

Frequent questions

How does the Alpha Epipleon Overdraft Programme work?

The Alpha Epipleon Overdraft Programme adds a credit line to the balance of your payroll.

You can use the approved credit line, without paying instalments on fixed dates. Quite simply, any time you use your credit line, you are charged with interest on the specific amount and for the corresponding number of days.

Interest is charged depending on the type of your account. Every 6 months for the Alpha Premier-Deposit Account and every 3 months for the Alpha Payroll account.

You can use your credit line to:

  • Withdraw cash from any ΑΤΜ, using your Alpha Bank card.
  • Withdraw cash from our branch network and transfer cash from myAlpha Web.
  • Shop in Greece or abroad.
  • Pay debts with a standing order.

Are there any requirements to apply for a consumer loan?

Yes. You must be a permanent resident of Greece and have an income in Greece.

If your income alone is not enough to guarantee loan repayment, you can name a guarantor for the loan.