Branch Network

Step 1

Choose Alpha Payroll

Using your e-Banking credentials, log into myAlpha Web on your computer or myAlpha Mobile on your mobile phone.

On the menu, choose: New products > Payroll/Pension account > Get the account.

Step 2

Confirm your details

Verify that your details are correct and choose “Next”.

If any changes are required, update you details before you continue.

Step 3

Accept the precontractual documents

Go through the documents we send to you email. 

On your mobile or computer screen, check the boxes next to the document titles, to confirm you have received, read and accept them.

Choose “Confirm”.
Step 4

Confirm the application

Through myAlpha Web, fill in the myAlpha Code you received on your mobile and click on “Save”.

Through myAlpha Mobile, confirm using your biometrics or your 4-digit code. Tap on “Next”.

Step 4

Link your card

The Alpha Payroll account has been opened and the IBAN appears.

You can now:

  • “Link to a new card”, if you want to apply for a new debit card.
  • “Link to an existing card”, if you want to link it to a card you already hold.

Your new account will appear on your e-Banking automatically and you can start using it.