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Easily keep track of your total points!

Discover now the new, unique capability of the Bonus Program!

With the new My Bonus Account, your points from all your cards, no matter from where you have collected them, are shown in a single Bonus points account, so that you can readily redeem them, using any Bonus card, at any time! 

Take advantage of your My Bonus Account and benefit from:

  • Easy monitoring of your Bonus points balance
    Now you can directly check, in a single account, the total balance of your points available for redemption from all your cards.
  • Flexible collection of Bonus points
    Collect points from any Bonus card you choose to use, as you no longer have to transfer Bonus points between your cards. 
  • Prompt redemptions
    Redeem points easily and quickly, from any Bonus card you choose.


Useful info


  • My Bonus Account contains the points of all your cards.
  • Your additional cards will also contribute to the collection of points and if you wish to activate the redemption capability for them, you should request this by calling the Alpha Bank’s Customer Service at +30 210 326 0000.
  • Each one of your cards continues to collect Bonus points according to its features. 
  • With the new My Bonus Account, the users of the Bonus app, if they have registered more than one Bonus card in the app, will see for each card the combined total Bonus points from all their cards.


Check your points

Frequent questions

What is a My Bonus account?

An account where all your Bonus points earned across all primary and additional cards are collected, including points earned through your term deposits. 

You can now redeem your total points using any card, without transferring points from one card to another.

I am an Aegean Bonus Visa holder. Can I redeem all the points appearing on the My Bonus account by converting them to bonus miles?

No. Only the points earned by using your Aegean Bonus Visa may be converted to bonus miles:

  • Every month without any action on your part, if you submit a standing conversion order to
  • Online, using your Miles+Bonus account and the Online Points Conversion service.
  • By calling Aegean Airlines customer service on 801 11 20000 (from a landline in Greece).

You may not convert to bonus miles, any points you have:

  • Earned by using other Alpha Bank cards.
  • Transferred to your My Bonus account from another My Bonus account.
  • Earned through any term deposits.

I am a Vodafone Bonus Mastercard or Diners Vodafone holder. Can I redeem all the points appearing on the My Bonus account as a discount on my Vodafone account?

Yes, you can redeem all the points collected in your My Bonus account and earned across all your Bonus cards as a discount on your Vodafone landline or mobile phone account:

  • Every month without any action on your part, if you submit a standing redemption order to Vodafone.
  • At the Vodafone closest to you, on and through the My Vodafone app.

On pay-as-you-go plans, you can get a discount every time you top up if you submit a standing redemption order to