Branch Network

In 6 steps

Using your e-Banking credentials, log into myAlpha Web on your computer or myAlpha Mobile on your mobile phone.
Step 1

Locate the account

Locate the account you want to close in the “Overview” screen and:

  • On myAlpha Web, click on the 3 dots on the right of the account. 
  • On myAlpha Mobile, tap on the account and then on the down arrow under “Gross balance”. 

Choose Close account > Continue.

Step 2

Transfer the balance

If there is a current balance in the account, choose “Balance transfer” to transfer it to another account, held by you or anyone else.

If the account has a negative balance, transfer the corresponding amount from another one of your accounts. 

Step 3

Verify the details

Check the account details. If they are correct, choose “Continue”.

Check the joint account holders’ details. If they are correct, choose “Continue”.

Step 4

Add an account

Choose an Alpha Bank account where any interest from the account you are closing will be debited. Choose “Continue”.

If you have not added another account in your contacts, you can only do so through myAlpha Web.

Step 4

Submit and approve

Check the details on your screen. If they are correct, choose “Submit”.

Approve the transaction: 

  • On myAlpha Web, with a myAlpha Code or a push notification you receive on your mobile.
  • On myAlpha Mobile, using your biometrics or your 4-digit PIN.
Step 6

Link your card

The Alpha Payroll account has been opened and the IBAN appears.

You can now:

  • “Link to a new card”, if you want to apply for a new debit card.
  • “Link to an existing card”, if you want to link it to a card you already hold.

Your new account will appear on your e-Banking automatically and you can start using it.