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Specially designed for investors that venture

Diversify your personal portfolio and invest in something more than a simple term deposit, while benefiting from a preferential interest rate, with Alpha Bank's Structured Dual Currency Product.

Dual currency investment products, specially designed for investors who are willing to assume potential consequences of the foreign exchange risk and receive the amount in either currency at the end of the investment period, offer a higher interest rate than traditional term deposits.

In the case of adverse movement in the currency pair, your investment may be converted to an alternate currency at a pre-defined conversion rate, which is known as “Strike Rate” and is agreed from the very start. This implies a potential loss, in case of direct conversion to the initial currency.


  • Available in Euro or US Dollar
  • Minimum initial capital: Euro 100,000 or equivalent amount in US dollars
  • Investment tenor: from one week to one year
  • Subject to exchange risk.