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Changes to payments made due to SEPA implementation

  • As of 1.2.2016, the mandatory use of the Bank Identification Code (BIC) is cancelled.
  • As of 1.2.2016, the files’ format exchange between banks and businesses changes.
  • As of 1.8.2014, exclusive use-inclusion of the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) becomes mandatory, even for accounts held with the same Bank. For the leaflet of the Hellenic Bank Association regarding the importance of the exclusive use of the IBAN, click here.
  • As of 1.8.2014, the Remittance Info field allows for a maximum length of 140 characters.

The above apply to direct debits (SEPA DIRECT DEBITS) and credit transfers (SEPA CREDIT TRANSFERS) within the European Union, i.e. to:

  • Outgoing credit transfers from Branches and the Alternative Networks
  • Incoming credit transfers
  • Payment orders to third parties by account debiting using a special payment description code.
  • Payroll payments
  • Mass electronic payments
  • Direct debits

Due to the above changes and in particular due to the mandatory law regulatory obligation regarding the files’ format exchange (with multiple transactions) sent exchange between banks and businesses, the file format and structure  will change as of 1.8.2014.

Detailed instructions are given below on the accepted new file format depending on the specific electronic service used, and on the way to convert your files from the current file format to the new one.

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Alpha Bank File Transfer

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