Branch Network
The formatting is based on the SWIFT Standard Release Guide.
M/O Field No Field name Content Conditions
M 20 Transaction Reference 16x     
O 13C Time Indication /8c/4!n1!x4!n As per SWIFT manual
M 23B Bank Operation Code 4!c CRED
O 23E Instruction Code 4!c[/30x] Not to be used
O 26T Transaction Type Code 3!c As per SWIFT manual
M 32A Value Date / Currency Code / Interbank Settled Amount 6!n3!a15d     
Conditional 33B Currency / Instructed Amount 3!a15d As per SWIFT manual
Conditional 36 Exchange Rate 12d As per SWIFT manual
M 50K Ordering Customer [/34x] 4*35x Name and Address
O 52A Ordering Institution A BIC
O 53A Sender's Correspondent A BIC
O 54A Receiver's Correspondent A BIC
O 56A Intermediary A BIC
M 57A Account with Institution A BIC (can be ommitted if account with institution is CRBAGRAA)
M 59 Beneficiary Customer [/34x] 4*35x Either a) Valid IBAN and name for Beneficiary Customer in EU countries Or b) Account no and name for Beneficiary for P/O's to non-EU countries (*)
O 70 Details of Payment 4*35x    
M 71A Details of Charges 3!a OUR / SHA / BEN (*)
Conditional 71F Sender's Charges 3!a15d   
Conditional 71G Receiver's Charges 3!a15d   
O 72 Sender to Receiver Information 6*35x Not to be used
Ο 77Β Regulatory Reporting 3*35x As per SWIFT manual
Conditional 77T Envelope Contents 9000z As per SWIFT manual

M = Mandatory
O = Optional

(*) If payment is in accordance with the EU-Directive No 2560/2001 only IBAN and option SHA are applicable