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Through myAlpha Web, without visiting a branch

Issuing certificates, such as statements, is a simple process, which can be time-consuming, though. If you already bank with us and have e-Banking credentials, through myAlpha Web you can apply and get certificates relating to your deposits or loans, without visiting a branch.

The process is carried out online, so you gain valuable time. Once completed, you can download the certificate in pdf format, with an eSeal if required, which ensures its authenticity.

If you don’t have myAlpha Web credentials, you can sign up to e-Banking through your mobile.

What certificates you can apply for

How to get certificates online

Frequent questions

Can I apply to get a certificate issued from my mobile through myAlpha Mobile?

No. For the time being you can apply online to get a certificate issued only from your computer through myAlpha Web.

How do I pay for the online certificate?

  1. Choose 1 of your active accounts at Alpha Bank that appear in the payment screen and have sufficient balance for the transaction. 
  2. You receive a myAlpha Code  on your mobile to conclude the transaction. 

There’s no sufficient balance in my account to pay for the certificate. What should I do?

Before starting the application, you need to transfer or deposit in your account the fee for the certificate you need. Otherwise you will not be able to complete your application.

Will I be charged if the certificate I asked for is not issued?

No. Once we have notified you by email, we return the money in the account you used to pay for the certificate.