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Your savings acquire even more value

Have an even stronger motive for your savings efforts, using the savings account that uniquely rewards you for the systematic increase of your money. 

Saving consistently gives you the opportunity to double the return of your money, while you take advantage of the preferential interest rate from the first Euro of the deposited amount.

At the end of each semester the current account balance of the semester is compared to the one of the previous semester and if there is a positive percentage change, the Bank rewards you by increasing the interest rate for the current semester respectively. 

The maximum possible increase of your account's annual return can be up to 100%


  • Preferential interest rate, under the condition that charges are limited to one per semester.
  • Potential to increase return of the account up to 100% depending on the increase of the average semi-annual balance. 
  • Ability to open the account at a Branch or with myAlpha Web
  • Direct access and easy management through the myAlpha services 
  • Enhancement of your savings behaviour by limiting transactions that reduce the balance of your account such as purchases, payment of bills, etc. 
  • Detailed view of the account balance on the account statement for better monitoring and achievement of the savings goal.
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