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Instant notifications on the go

Gain control of your finances and feel even more secure with Alpha alerts.

Set up Alpha alerts based on your preferences and get notified about any activity in your accounts, and any transactions with your cards or online, whenever and however you wish. You can get alerts through Viber/SMS, email or informative push notifications for purchases with specific cards.

Activate the alerts in a flash through myAlpha Web, for your accounts and cards, and get notified instantly, on the go.



Can I customise the alerts I get?


For your cards, you may choose to get alerts for:

  • Purchases over €100 or €300.
  • Withdrawals over €100 or €300.
  • All transactions over €100 or €300.

Log in to myAlpha Web: Settings > Manage alerts > Cards > Edit. 

For your accounts, you may choose to get alerts for:

  • All transactions.
  • Direct debits and standing orders.
  • Pension payments.

You may also choose to get alerts when the available balance in your account gets below or over a certain threshold.

Log in to myAlpha Web: Settings > Manage alerts > Accounts > Edit.


Can I deactivate Alpha alerts?

Yes, any time you wish, through myAlpha Web.

You need to deactivate the alerts for each card or account separately.


Can I also receive alerts for the additional cards?

Yes, as long as the primary cardholder has activated the alerts.

The alerts can be sent to a different mobile phone number and a different email.