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New feature to calculate easily your tax deduction

Get to know now the new feature of myAlpha Mobile and myAlpha Web, which enables you to calculate your tax deduction and easily check the amount you have covered so far.


The new feature gives you, on a single screen, a full picture about all the expenses you have made using the online payment means of Alpha Bank, which are included in "building up" your tax deduction.

More specifically, you can be informed about:

  • transactions made by using all credit, debit or prepaid Alpha Bank cards
  • payment orders or standing orders executed by debiting all your Alpha Bank deposit accounts.

The transactions included in building up your tax deduction refer to a wide range of expenses for products and services such as clothing, food, travels, etc.

Find out more about the full list of expenses.


Now, your everyday life becomes even easier!

  • Use the interactive graph to see at a glance the total tax deduction amount you have reached so far through purchases with Alpha Bank cards and through electronic payments via Alpha e-Banking.
  • Monitor your expenses from 1.1.2017 onwards grouped by category, as well as the detailed expenses within each category.
  • Use the practical tool "Tax deduction calculator” to set your annual income and be automatically updated about the minimum amount of expenses required, plus the percentage covered so far.

Tax deduction calculator

Find the tax deduction calculator on the electronic service of Alpha Bank that you are using:

  • If you are using myAlpha Mobile, before logging into the Service, select the "Tax Deduction" tool from the available useful tools.
  • If you are using myAlpha Web, before logging into the Service, look for and click "My tax deduction" from the "Overview" screen.

Get all the answers you need about the new feature involving your tax deduction by checking the special section “Frequently Asked Questions”.