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What is myAlpha Code Service?

It is an additional level of security for your sensitive myAlpha Web transactions. By activating myAlpha Code service, you gain access to all myAlpha Web available options, while at the same time sensitive transactions take place with even greater security.

How does it work?

Each time you choose to carry out one of the above transactions you will be sent a 6-digit myAlpha Code, produced solely for the execution of that transaction, to your mobile phone via  Viber, or via SMS if you have not installed the Viber application on your mobile phone or you have disabled data on your mobile phone.

myAlpha Code via Viber/SMS is obligatory for individual businesses and the self-employed, provided they wish to use the myAlpha Code service. Alternatively, corporate subscriptions, other than individual businesses and the self-employed, may choose to generate myAlpha Codes via the myAlpha Code Device.

Activation of the device requires that the legal representative of the Company follows these steps:

  • Apply for the activation of myAlpha Code service using the myAlpha Code device at the Branch the Business collaborates with
  • Receive myAlpha Code Device from the Branch, following a notification
  • Hand over the device to the user
  • Activation of the myAlpha Code Device by the user via myAlpha Web (menu Services> myAlpha Code) using the relevant Device Activation Code.

The security of your transactions also depends on you

myAlpha Code additional passwords, whether sent to your mobile phone via Viber/SMS or whether generated by the myAlpha Code device, cannot be used by a third party to carry out transactions via your subscription, unless this person knows your Username and Password.

Additional verification mechanism for online transactions

Το further protect you from the threat of online fraud, we apply an additional warning mechanism, requiring a 2nd authentication through the myAlpha Code you receive with SMS, email or on your myAlpha Code device, to complete your transaction.

This mechanism is activated for certain transactions, such as when you increase your daily transfer limit, or when we detect unusual activity on myAlpha Web for Business.

To safeguard your subscription:
  • Never disclose your myalpha Code additional passwords and never hand your myAlpha Code device to other persons (company employees or third parties).
  • Memorise your Username and Password and do not store them together with the device or your mobile phone.
  • Install software to your computer for protection against viruses (Firewall, Antivirus, Antispyware).

Get more information about the safety that myAlpha Web provides you with, as well as other practical security tips.