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Grow your business and plan your next stes with expert guidance from your Business Advisor.
Deposit products
Meet modern deposit accounts that correspond fully and effectively to every business need.
Business Cards
Give flexibility to your business transactions and at the same time enjoy special privileges and Bonus rewards.
IRIS Payments for professionals and individual businesses
Accept payments from your customers directly into your account, just with your mobile or your business tax number.
Nexi POS for Card Payments
Discover our new, innovative card payment services and choose a POS solution tailored to your business needs.
Partner Ecosystem
With the Alpha Bank partner ecosystem you have all the support you need to grow your business.
Green Solutions for Small Businesses
Invest in solutions that combine the growth and financial performance of your business with social and environmental sustainability.
Alpha Payroll
Enjoy several benefits for your company and your personnel by opting for Alpha Bank comprehensive Payroll Service.
Financing Solutions
Get the modern equipment you want, boost your liquidity and implement your development plans of your business.
Sectoral Programmes
Ensure the liquidity of your business and increase your competitive edge.
Offer complete protection to your business by ensuring a smooth everyday business activity.
International Trade
Boost your international business activity, using Alpha Bank's specialized International trade services.
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Financing with favourable terms for SMEs

Finance the needs of your business in working capital and investments with zero interest rate on 40% of the loan, through the co-financing loans of the Business Growth Portfolio Funds by the Hellenic Development Bank (HDB). What is more, you get an additional 3% interest rate subsidy for 2 years on the remaining 60% of the loan.

Depending on your business needs, you can be included in the programmes:

  • Liquidity Co-Financing Loans.
  • Green Co-Financing Loans.
  • Digitalisation Co-Financing Loans.

By participating in the Businesses Growth Portfolio Fund, we are actively supporting the growth of entrepreneurial activity and SME access to financing sources, under favourable terms.