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How this scam works

An investment opportunity, such as high-performing shares, bonds, offshore investments in real estate, cryptocurrency, alternative energy sources, etc., may pose significant risks. If you think you have fallen victim to this type of fraud, we recommend that you call the police.

Scammers approach you over the phone, via email or using online ads. They usually pretend to work for large investment firms abroad and promise high returns if you open an account on an online investment platform. However, these platforms are just a façade.

How to protect yourself

There are some signs that help you understand whether an investment is a scam. 

Unexpected phone calls

In case of fraudulent investments, you may receive many unexpected phone calls, during which scammers will try to convince you to invest.

Banks or other legitimate investment organizations would never use such methods. Therefore, it is advisable to ignore such phone calls. 

Quick returns

When an investment comes with the promise of quick returns and zero risk, it is usually a scam. Scammers will try to convince you the investment is secure.

It is advisable to seek impartial financial advice before you proceed to invest.

What is more, before you open an account on an online investment platform, you should confirm the platform is certified by the competent supervisory authority.

Claim of time-sensitive investments

In their attempt to get money out of you fast, scammers will pretend the investment opportunity they offer is time-sensitive. 

Strictly personal offers

Investments are rarely strictly personal or confidential. Therefore, if someone tells you an investment is strictly personal and asks you not to disclose it, you should be cautious.

Find out more about investment scams and investment risks due to online fraud in the relevant warning issued by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission.


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