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Last Modification Date   Programme Notional Amount Base Prospectus   Documents in relation to the Prospectus *
 21 July 2023  Euro 15 billion


Supplement 25.09.2023

 6 July 2022 Euro 15 billion


Supplement 26.08.2022

Supplement 17.11.2022

Supplement 13.04.2023

Supplement 13.06.2023

Agency Agreement
Deed of Covenant
15 November 2019 Euro 15 billion


Supplement 22.01.2020

Agency Agreement
Supplemental Agency Agreement
Deed of Covenant
Deed of Guarantee
 6 December 2004
Euro 12 billion
 2 February 2006
Euro 15 billion

Supplement 04.04.2006
Suppplement 18.10.2006
 7 February 2007
Euro 25 billion
 6 March 2008
Euro 30 billion
 16 March 2009
Euro 30 billion ΕΜΤΝ09  
 16 April 2010
Euro 30 billion ΕΜΤΝ10  
 28 April 2011
Euro 30 billion ΕΜΤΝ11  
 30 May 2012 Euro 30 billion ΕΜΤΝ12  
 18 June 2013 Euro 30 billion ΕΜΤΝ13

Supplement 30.04.2014
Supplement 06.05.2014

Supplement 03.06.2014
 18 June 2014 Euro 30 billion ΕΜΤΝ14

Supplement 22.09.2014

Supplement 01.12.2014

Supplement 28.05.2015
 22 April 2016
Euro 30 billion ΕΜΤΝ16  
 30 June 2017
Euro 30 billion ΕΜΤΝ17  

* Available in Greek only

The credit rating of the Programme is subject to review and confirmation by the Rating Agencies on an annual basis. Standalone issues or issues with specific terms may, under certain circumstances, carry different credit ratings.

Moody's Standard & Poor's   Fitch



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