Branch Network

Equal Opportunities

Alpha Bank respects the diversity of its Employees and treats with respect, without any discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, race, nationality, family status, physical or mobility impairments or other characteristics. 

It ensures top-quality working conditions and opportunities for advancement that are based on merit and equitable treatment. 

It offers fair remuneration, based on contracts which are in agreement with the corresponding national labour market and ensures compliance with the respective national regulations on minimum pay, working hours and the granting of leave. 

Moreover, the Bank defends human rights, and opposes all forms of child, forced or compulsory labour.

Health and Safety

Acknowledging the significant contribution of its Employees to its everyday operation and to the provision of high-quality services, Alpha Bank takes care to create safer and healthy work environment. 

With regards to the Employees’ health and safety, the Bank not only complies with the laws in force but also ensures the provision of additional benefits and programmes:

  • Provision of safety technician and occupational physician services to the Bank's Personnel by external contractors or specialised officers, who visit Bank Units and brief Employees regularly on health and safety issues.
  • Continuous training in safety-related issues. 
  • Permanent presence of occupational physicians in work premises with large numbers of Employees
  • Development of plans for the evacuation of Buildings and Branches in the event of an emergency.


Faithful to its long-standing objective of tangibly supporting our Employees and making them and their families feel safe and secure, Alpha Bank offers  additional benefits.

More specifically, the Bank, in collaboration with Generali, has created insurance plans for its permanent Employees and their family members: 

  • Group Savings Plan
  • Group Health and Life Insurance Plan
  • Group Outpatient Insurance Coverage Plan. 

In addition, the Bank provides:
Benefits to mothers:

Childbirth allowance

  • Reduced working hours granted to mothers for taking care of their children, in the form of accumulated continuous paid leave
    • Day-care benefit for preschool-aged children
    • Annual financial support for Employees’ children facing serious health problems, together with the option for the Employees concerned to reduce their working hours, without any reduction in wages
  • Special monthly welfare allowance for employees or pensioners who are blind or suffer from kidney diseases
  • Psychological support by specialised psychologists, for Employees who at a given moment have difficulty handling situations at a personal, family and professional level.


Two-way Communication

The Human Resources Division recognises the great importance of two-way communication with Employees for the improvement of labour relations. In this context, it has established a weekly “Communication Day”, on which any Employee can meet the Manager of the Human Resources Division to discuss any work-related or personal matter. 

Furthermore, Alpha Bank disposes of many more internal communication means, the most important of which are the following:

  • The “Alpha Bank Intranet” internal communication network, which aims to effectively support the daily work and the internal communication and information needs of the Personnel, while also providing direct and up-to-date information on a wide range of labour-related and banking issues.
  • The monthly electronic publication “Mazi” (“Together”), issued in both Greek and English, which informs the Group’s people about the activities and major developments and events that take place in the Bank and the Group Companies, in Greece and abroad.
  • The regular meetings held for information purposes and for the exchange of views, especially with the Personnel working at the Alpha Bank Branch Network.
  • The internal communication events, such as the award of honorary pins to Employees who complete 25 or 35 years of service and the Annual Meeting of Group Executives.

Activities for/with our People

The Bank, recognizing the value of arts and culture to the further development of its Human Resources, supports activities that broaden the interests of its Employees. 

These activities include participation in cultural events:

  • Special guided tours for Employees to exhibitions, museums, collections etc. and active participation in cultural and artistic activities.
  • Free tickets to theatre shows and to musical and other events for Employees and the members of their families.
  • Christmas gifts for the children of Employees.

For the Bank, the participation of its people in volunteering events for social solidarity and environmental awareness is of the utmost significance and among these, the Blood Donation Days are of top priority. 

Since 2001, Alpha Bank has established a blood bank, through which the Bank’s Employees, as Volunteer Blood Donors, assist the difficult task of finding blood by participating in the Blood Donation Days. These Days are held twice per year, with the number of participating Bank Employees constantly rising. The Days are held in Athens and in Thessaloniki with the assistance of the Bank’s Doctors and in partnership with major hospitals in Greece. 

Finally, in 2016 the Volunteer Blood Donors Reward Programme was established to honour the Employees of the Bank who participate in the Blood Donation Days.