Branch Network

The most important asset of the Group

The people of Alpha Bank are its most valuable asset and the driving force behind the Group’s successful evolution and growth.

With professionalism, dedication and consistency, the Employees of Alpha Bank in Greece and abroad create value for the Bank and for society, aiming to develop and provide the best possible financial services.

The Human Resources Division of Alpha Bank is standing by the Bank’s Employees on a professional and personal level, taking daily care to maximise the value of its people. 

Taking into account the Bank’s business planning, organisational structure and strategic goals, the Human Resources Division establishes a work environment that respects individuality, rewards contribution and support the continuous progress of each Employee.

The creation of a healthy work climate, the working hours, the renewal of Personnel through new recruitments and the provision of fair remuneration, are of the utmost importance. They help build an effective work environment and allow Employees to contribute more efficiently to Alpha Bank’s everyday operation.