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Be thoroughly informed about the entire activity of your products, look up the payments you have made and print transaction receipts through your myAlpha Web subscription.

Products you can connect to your subscription:

  • Alpha Bank accounts in Euro or foreign currency
  • Any corporate card
  • Business loans
  • Investment products such as term deposits, mutual funds, Alpha Private portfolios, Alpha Finance shares.

You are informed for:

  • the data and balances of your accounts
  • the transactions of your accounts (history of transactions from the date you created your myAlpha Web subscription)
  • incoming orders to your deposit accounts
  • history of transactions and payments, with information on every transaction
  • the Bonus points of your cards
  • copies of statements for your accounts, cards and loans, with the ability to save them as pdf and xls
  • pending transactions (transfers and payments), with the ability to cancel them.


Information per user level

  • Assistant users are informed about:
    • the balances and movements of the products of a corporate subscription (as long as they have been granted an inquiry right)
    • the list of the tasks they have submitted for approval by the authorized users.
  • Authoriszed users are informed about:
    • all the products of the subscription, fully (with the ability to modify them if they have activated myAlpha Code Service)
    • the list of tasks that they or the assistant users have submitted for approval
    • every new task for approval
    • history of transactions executed via myAlpha Web.
  • Approvers (if any) are informed about:
    • all the products of a subscription
    • every new task for approval
    • the list of transactions for which they have granted the final approval
    • history of transactions executed via myAlpha Web.

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