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How do i sign up for myAlpha Web for Business?

Subscribe free of charge to myAlpha Web and myAlpha phone, the e-banking services from Alpha Bank, and take better control of your Company’s finances.

All that is required is a visit to the Alpha Bank Branch you cooperate with, in order for your Company’s legal representative(s) to sign the relevant contract and create a subscription that meets your Company’s needs.

The only requirement is that you keep a company deposit account in Euro with Alpha Bank.

During your visit to the Branch:

  • You will need to present your identity card (or other identification document), as the Company’s legal representative, and the Company seal.
  • With the assistance of the specialist Business Advisors, you will establish and configure your corporate subscription to myAlpha Web and myAlpha phone, so that it best meets the structure and needs of your Company. You can choose up to two approval levels and up to three user levels.
  • You will receive the “Subscriber Card” and the User Codes for the users (authorised users and/or approvers) which you have created.
  • You can optionally also activate the myAlpha code Services, which gives you access to the complete range of the options available via myAlpha Web and myAlpha phone.

After visiting the Branch:

  • You will receive by post, at your Company’s address, the Passwords for the various subscribers you have added.
  • You are ready to log in to the e-Banking services for the first time!

Secure your subscription!

  • Any disclosure of the User ID of the “authorised user” and of the associated Password to other executives / officers of the Company is made under the sole responsibility of the Company’s legal representatives.
  • Please do not keep your User ID and Password together, in order to deter their possible use by third parties.

* For information on potential charges for the use of the e-Banking services, please see the current price list of the Bank.


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