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  • Recovery and Resilience Facility

How we help you

Through a comprehensive package of services, we support you every step of the way, providing information, consultation, technical support, and the right banking and non-banking products.

Team of RRF experts

We have formed a team of experts who have been trained on the actions of the Recovery and Resilience Facility. They are available through our Branch Network or Central Business Units.

The RRF team:

  • Provides information to potentially eligible businesses on the RRF actions.
  • Monitors closely the developments and specifications of each RRF action and updates you on time of any changes.
  • Proposes the most suitable financing programme for your business plan.
  • Provides consultation on banking issues and technical support, along with its strategic partners, from the time you draft your investment plan to the time you secure its financing and put it to use. 
  • Evaluates quickly the requests for financing and monitors the processes for the approval of your investment plan by the 


Your investment must be financed:

  • 50% maximum through an RRF loan
  • 30% minimum through a co-financing loan
  • 20% minimum investor own funds

We offer flexible and favourable co-financing solutions so you may put your investment plans to use as soon as possible:

  • Competitive total interest rate by combining the RRF loan (with a minimum interest rate of 0.35% or 1.00% depending on the size of your business) and a co-financing bank loan. Up to 15-year financing term.
  • Competitive rates for loan fees.

Additional financing and non-financing solutions

Through a comprehensive package of services, we provide additional financing and non-financing solutions to help you integrate your plans smoothly:

  • Bridge financing to cover your eligible expenditures until the disbursement of the RRF or co-financing loan.
  • Letters of guarantee and letters of credit with special terms to buy the equipment for your investment.
  • Payments to suppliers (domestic and foreign).

Partner ecosystem

We work with certified consulting firms and other professions to offer you integrated solutions that meet your needs, such as:

  • Investment plan drafting
  • Energy efficiency services
  • Certifications for projects, systems and business operation
  • Digital transformation services
  • Insurance for your investment at special rates

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