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Brief History

REVIVAL Consulting Services SΑ has been providing consulting services for more than 20 years, with the aim of helping companies to grow efficiently and sustainably. During this time it has set its own successful course, continuously evolving and expanding its range of services. Centred around the 360° Responsibility mindset, it has supported more than 2,500 companies, creating relationships of trust and respect.

Having many years of experience in projects of different scale, range and degree of complexity, Revival demonstrates in practice its important contribution in providing combination solutions that aim at facilitating the decision-making process on the part of the businesses.

In 2021 the company started its operations in Cyprus, with offices in Nicosia, demonstrating yet again its strategy for further growth and broadening of its range of services.
Revival has been distinguished for its contribution to business and social affairs, becoming a point of reference for the Greek industry and society in general. True to its vision to provide quality services, it continues to support companies in their transition to the digital transformation era.

Services Provided

Revival includes 5 main strategic business units (SBUs):

  • Advisory Services
  • Development Programmes
  • Hospitality Exclusive Services
  • Information Technology
  • Data Safety

Our goal is to identify, prioritise and solve problems that are critical for the sustainability of any company. This includes problems that our customers are facing today or may be facing in the near future.

Revival maps out the individualised needs of any company and then implements a holistic action plan (360° Responsibility) with measurable outcomes.


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