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Enjoy unique ease and speed in your direct payments to your suppliers, for imports within the European Union.

Take advantage of the user-friendly service of myAlpha Web for transactions concerning imports from the European Union and pay your suppliers abroad directly in Euro, by selecting from the following:

  • same day execution of payment and same day valeur
  • same day deposit to the foreign supplier’s bank account held in Alpha Bank.

Furthermore, the service gives you the opportunity to print and save the receipt with a cost breakdown as well as a copy of the payment order (if available). 


The payment must not concern:

  • Documentary Collections received from a bank, transport company or commercial agent, containing terms with which Alpha Bank must comply, such as instructions for the delivery of documents against payment/acceptance, for the payment of a commission to an agent, transport or insurance company etc.
  • Clean Collections such as IOUs, Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange and Cheques, containing terms with which Alpha Bank must comply.
  • Payment of an obligation from an already existing import file under deferred settlement.
  • Letters of Guarantee or Standby Letters of Credit.
  • Documentary Credits.

For these cases of payments which cannot be made via the “Simple Imports within EU” service as well as for all other Imports (in Euro and in Foreign Currency, within and outside the European Union), companies can use the Alpha Web International Trade service, given that they are already subscribers to it or contact their nearest Alpha Bank Branch.


  • If the beneficiary keeps an account with Alpha Bank, the transfer is completed at no charge, without applying the “Fee for issuance of a payment order to a third bank”.
  • Otherwise, the charges for each transfer are shared between the sender and the beneficiary (“SHA” charges), i.e. Alpha Bank’s charges are covered by the by the sender and the charges of the recipient bank or of any third bank intervening in processing the payment are covered by the beneficiary.  Alpha Bank’s charges per transaction for the payment of suppliers abroad referring to “Simple Imports within European Union”, up to Euro 50,000 per transaction, are available in the Bank’s current price list.
  • If the sender requests the cancellation, modification or follow-up of a transfer which Alpha Bank has already sent to a recipient bank, the originator shall bear the corresponding charges.  It is clarified that the Bank has no responsibility in the event that the revocation or modification does not succeed, for any reason whatsoever, in cancelling or modifying the payment or in reversing the transfer.

Imports within European Union per user level

Simple users

  • Prepare an “Import within European Union” job for approval by the authorised users.
  • Cancel a job while it is pending approval by the authorised users.

Authorised users

  • Prepare and approve or reject an “Import within European Union” job submitted by themselves or by the simple users.
  • Cancel a submitted order while its status remains “Pending”, i.e. until it is approved by the approvers (if any) or executed.

Approvers (if these exist for a subscription):

  • Approve or reject an “Import within European Union” job, submitted by themselves or by the simple users.
  • Cancel a submitted order while its status remains “Pending”, i.e. until it is approved by the approvers (if any) or executed.

It is noted that approval for a task can be granted on any day, from 07:00 to 19:00. 

In order to cancel an order that has already been executed (whose status is “Successful”), you should contact the Alpha Bank Branch you cooperate with.

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