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Digital file and notifications on the spot

With e-statements you have monthly statements of your business available on your e-Banking free of charge for:

  • Accounts
  • Loans
  • Cards
  • myAlpha POS

The e-statements for your accounts are activated automatically as soon as you add the accounts to your business e-Banking.
To activate e-statements for your loans, log into myAlpha Web for business and: 

  1. On the menu, choose: Services > Loans e-statements.
  2. Under “Modify” click on the pencil icon next to the loan you want.
  3. In “Receive loan statements”, choose “Electronically (e-statements)”.
  4. Read the detailed terms and conditions, and click on “I agree” and then on “Submit”.
    Otherwise, call myAlpha Phone for business.

You receive monthly email notifications once your statements are issued. To view the statements, choose the account, loan or card and then click on “Statements”.

At all times, you have access to statements going back 18 months through the secure environment of your business e-Banking. You may also save them on your computer in pdf format and create your own digital archive.

This allows you to access your information in a simpler, quicker and more secure manner, while also minimising your carbon footprint, since you help us cut down on paper printing.


I want to receive e-statements by post. What should I do?

To receive e-statements by post:

  1. Log into myAlpha Web for business.
  2. From the menu, choose “Services”.
  3. Choose the relevant tab to deactivate the e-statements for accounts, loans, cards and myAlpha POS.
  4. Click on the pencil icon next to the product you want.
  5. In “Receive account statements”, choose “By post”.
  6. Read the detailed terms and conditions, and click on “I agree” and then on “Submit”.

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