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Open your first company account!

Upon the start of our banking relationship, you obtain a current account and an e-Banking subscription, so that you are in full control of your finances at any moment. At the same time, we offer you a number of banking products and services, such as a company credit or debit card, POS and e-Commerce, to choose depending on your company’s needs.

Get the products in 4 simple steps!

Step 1 | Preparation

To start our business relationship, you will need to submit the following documents:

Your company’s certification documents, i.e. its financial data and a telephony provider's bill.

The legalization documents, which depend on the legal form of the company.

Learn more about the documents

Step 2 |Online Submission

Now, you can also start our business relationship from your computer, quickly and easily, without visiting a Branch!

Entry of information: Enter the company’s details and declare its Legal Representatives.

Submission of documents: You submit online the required legalization and certification documents.

In just 10 minutes, you will have completed the process and you will be soon notified of its progress.

The online service is available for companies with the following legal form: S.A., O.E., I.K.E., LTD. and E.E.

Step 3 | Certification of Representatives

All the Legal Representatives of the company must submit to the Bank documents that verify their identity.

You can submit them online using the Online Documents Update service, if you are a subscriber to Alpha e-Banking for Individuals, or submit them to an Alpha Bank Branch

Learn more about the certification of the Legal Representatives.

Step 4 | Obtain the products

As soon as we process the information and documents you have submitted, you will be notified via  e-mail asking the Legal Representatives to visit an Alpha Bank Branch and complete the process. You obtain immediately the basic products and our banking relationship starts.


Promptly, easily, quickly
Secure electronic transactions
The security of your transactions is our priority. We ask our Customers to follow the guidelines for the security of electronic transactions provided by Alpha Bank, especially at this time that phishing attacks have significantly increased.

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