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Take advantage of the new opportunities available via the Alpha Bank Group API Portal!

What is the Alpha Bank API Portal

The aim of the Alpha Bank Group API Portal is to make banking APIs available to programmers, start-ups and in general to all those with an interest in innovation.

Interested parties can complete their registration online on the Alpha Bank Group API Portal, obtain information on the available APIs and familiarize themselves with them in the Sandbox test environment.

Alpha Bank Group API Portal has been in production since 24.05.2019

Who is the Alpha Bank Group API Portal for?

The Alpha Bank Group API is addressed to Third Party Providers (TPPs) at Group level (in Greece, Cyprus and Romania) such as:

  • Account Information Service Providers (AISPs): These provide aggregated information about one or more payment accounts which the Customer keeps with various banking institutions, so that the Customer can have the overall picture of his financial situation at any given time. AISPs only have access to information about the consumers’ accounts (personal and corporate) and cards of the consumers.
  • Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs): These offer the possibility for an electronic payment to be initiated, after relevant instructions are issued by the payer, from an account of the payer kept with another payment services provider (banking institution), while at the same time providing merchants with the assurance of the payment’s initiation, so that the goods may be released or the services may be provided without delay.
Discover the Alpha Bank Group API Portal

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