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Find out more and take advantage of the service that facilitates your company's mass payments and collections today! Use Alpha Bank's secure on-line environment for quick and easy business transactions, such as payroll payments, payments to suppliers and collections from your customers. 

Mass payment and collection orders may regard: 

  • debiting an account of your business and crediting the accounts of third parties (e.g. for payroll payments and payments to your business partners and suppliers)
  • crediting an account of your business and debiting the accounts of third parties (e.g. for collections from your customers).

For detailed information on all the capabilities and functions of the service, please read the Alpha Mass Payments User Manual.


The various user and approval levels

During your company’s subscription to Alpha Mass Payments, you can choose the approval levels for it. The following options are available:

Subscription with no approval level

All users have the same rights and authorisations.
Any user can create the mass payments of the business and send them to the Bank for execution.

Subscription with one approval level

The users specified include users who create jobs / mass payments and others who check them and either approve them and forward them to the Bank for execution or reject them.

Subscription with two approval levels

The users specified include users who create jobs the jobs/ mass payments, users who check them and give the first approval and, finally, users who perform a final check of these jobs, give the second (final) approval and send them to the Bank for execution (or rejection).


Alpha Bank  ensures the maximum possible security in its systems and processes.

Personal access codes  

Personal access codes are required for access to the service. If a wrong password is entered five consecutive times, your subscription is “locked” automatically, for security reasons. The service requires a password change every three months.

Controlled access

Alpha Bank uses additional security systems which control and record the access to its systems while, at the same time, block any unauthorised action.

Automatic sign off

In case you don’t use the service for more than 20 minutes after your have signed-on, the session is terminated automatically by the system ("Idle Timeout") for security reasons.


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