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Move securely in the international markets

Plan your company's financial performance with higher security thanks to Alpha Bank financial tools which enable you to recognise and manage more effectively all risks associated with international markets.

Through a dedicated operational unit, the Bank supports your everyday business activity that is exposed to international volatility and helps you manage your company's cash flows and balance sheet items successfully.

Foreign exchange Risk

For those companies with cash flows and balance sheet items in a foreign currency, exposure to exchange rate volatility is inevitably associated with their everyday transactions. This volatility is mainly due to payment of imports in foreign exchange, collection of proceeds from exports in a different monetary zone, borrowing in a foreign currency and balance sheet items, which are measured in a currency other than the accounting currency. 

The Bank aims at managing, quantifying and hedging such volatility through products traded and structured on exchange markets, and at the resultant normalisation of the performance of the company's financials.

Interest rate risk

Companies with a variable rate financing profile or liquid assets are exposed to a volatile interest rate environment, which may eventually increase the financing cost and reduce income from liquid assets.  

Alpha Bank, through rate market products, enables you to identify in good time any adverse effects of this volatility so that they are actively managed by your company.

Merchandise risk

The prices of the raw materials used in the production process (minerals, industrial, energy and agricultural products) are fixed on the international markets through a wide transactional network. Price setting depends on variables beyond the company's control such as availability and geopolitical or meteorological factors. 

The Bank provides you with financial products to manage effectively any volatility of merchandise prices for the benefit of your company.

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