Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is fundamental for the Company and has been fully incorporated to its strategic planning and operation, with sensitivity and respect for the environment and the society and emphasis on the benefit of Employees, Shareholders and all of the interested parties (Customers, suppliers, regulatory and supervisory authorities).

Alpha Supporting Services is strongly committed to transparency, credibility, honesty and modern corporate governance. The Company’s strategy regarding Social Responsibility is based on the following pillars:

Environment: continuous monitoring of the proper use of natural resources, reduction of energy profile and carbon footprint, reduction of paper usage, recycling of paper, batteries and IT equipment.

Health: support of our staff through regular doctor visits and medical as well as insurance benefits.

Education: continuous education and training of staff by participating in specialized training programs and seminars.

Equal Opportunities: support of Executives irrespective of gender, same benefits and opportunities for work progress, as evidenced by the distribution of the Personell at all levels of management.

The Company has developed mechanisms for setting of Social Responsibility objectives and the continuous measurement of the effectiveness of the related actions, in order to continuously improve its performance and ensure the sustainability of its efforts and the establishment of fair business practices.