As a member of the Alpha Bank Group, the Company is committed to maintaining the principles and values that govern its operation from its founding until now. These are summarised as follows:


The Company’s primary concern is reliability, consistency and speed of Customer service. The everyday concern of all its Executives is the continuous qualitative and quantitative improvement of the level of products and services and the modern and responsible handling of all Customer needs.


The Company’s Executives have a long experience in the banking and IT sectors and a high level of specialisation in all modern information systems that support financial sector companies.


The Company seeks and encourages the creativity and innovation of its Executives so that they can provide intelligent and innovative services and solutions, making full use of technological developments.

Teamwork and dedication

The Management and all Company’s Executives work collectively using their qualifications, skills, experience and ideas to create services and products that stand out and fully support Customers in a reliable and qualitative manner.

Simplicity and standardization

The operation of the Company is based on standardised procedures, clear rules and control and improvement mechanisms, so that the services are provided with simplicity and effectiveness without delays and bureaucracy.

Equality and understanding

The Company is governed by trust, honesty, equality, and openness among its Executives and customers, suppliers and all interested parties. All Executives work in order to achieve the best possible result, taking into account the maximization of common benefit and the fair handling of all requests.