Business Banking Advisory
Grow your business and plan your next stes with expert guidance from your Business Advisor.
Deposit products
Meet modern deposit accounts that correspond fully and effectively to every business need.
Business Cards
Give flexibility to your business transactions and at the same time enjoy special privileges and Bonus rewards.
IRIS Payments for professionals and individual businesses
Accept payments from your customers directly into your account, just with your mobile or your business tax number.
Nexi POS for Card Payments
Discover our new, innovative card payment services and choose a POS solution tailored to your business needs.
Partner Ecosystem
With the Alpha Bank partner ecosystem you have all the support you need to grow your business.
Green Solutions for Small Businesses
Invest in solutions that combine the growth and financial performance of your business with social and environmental sustainability.
Alpha Payroll
Enjoy several benefits for your company and your personnel by opting for Alpha Bank comprehensive Payroll Service.
Financing Solutions
Get the modern equipment you want, boost your liquidity and implement your development plans of your business.
Sectoral Programmes
Ensure the liquidity of your business and increase your competitive edge.
Offer complete protection to your business by ensuring a smooth everyday business activity.
International Trade
Boost your international business activity, using Alpha Bank's specialized International trade services.
New customer
Branch Network

Create today your own business subscription, according to the needs and the structure of your company.

With up to three different user levels and up to two approval levels, myAlpha Web subscriptions for Businesses can reflect the structure of every Business.

The following user levels and associated rights are available:

Approver - The top approval level of a subscription

What can the Approver do?

  • Has access to information about the company’s products (balances, activity, history etc.)
  • Approves (individual or multiple) tasks which have already been approved by the subscription’s "Authorised" Users.

At the time of signing up:

  • Receives the Username at the Alpha Bank Branch with which the company cooperates, as well as via email, and then creates his/her own Password online.
  • A subscription may have up to 10 Approvers with equal rights.

Authorised User – The senior approval level for subscriptions with no "Approvers"

What can the Authorised do?

  • Has full usage rights for all products in the corporate subscription.
  • Prepares and approves or rejects individual or multiple transactions (fund transfers or payments) that he/she has submitted.
  • Approves or rejects jobs (individual or multiple transactions) submitted by the Assistant Users.
  • In a subscription with two approval levels, grants first authorisation (approval) for a job, before the Approver.
  • Creates and deletes the subscription’s Assistant Users.
  • Sets and modifies the usage rights of Assistant Users.

At the time of signing up:

  • the Authorised User is created at the Alpha Bank Branch with which the company cooperates.
  • receives the Username at the Alpha Bank Branch with which the company cooperates, as well as via email and then creates his/her own Password online.
  • a subscription may have up to 10 Authorised Users with equal usage rights.

Assistant User – The lower level users in all subscriptions

What can the Assistant do?

  • Has access to the balances and activity of the company’s accounts and loans, for which he/she has been granted inquiry rights by the Authoriszed User.
  • Prepares jobs (fund transfers or payments) and submits them for approval by the senior approval level(s).

At the time of signing up:

  • The Assistant User is created via the myAlpha Web subscription of the company's Authorised User.
  • Receives his/her User ID and Password from the corporate subscription’s Authorised User.