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The modern financing tool to help your company grow

Plan your company's development and acquire the equipment or property that are suitable for your needs using the modern financing way of Alpha Leasing.

You select the business equipment or property you desire, and the Bank, through Alpha Leasing services, leases it to you, against an agreed "rent", without having to block your funds. 

Alpha Leasing enables you to become the owner of the business property, vehicles or equipment you lease by paying a predetermined acquisition price upon expiry of your contract.

Programme's financing and duration

The lease is a high percentage of the asset’s market value, as determined by the valuation performed by Alpha Astika Akinita
VAT that is attributable to the supplier is paid by Alpha Leasing and is repaid gradually through Lease invoices.

The minimum leasing duration is set by law to 3 years for mobile equipment and to 10 years for property. 
The maximum duration is jointly determined with the customer, depending on the technological devaluation and lifetime of the fixed asset

Leasing options

Leasing is provided for:

  • aircrafts
  • project machinery
  • vehicles
  • wind farms and photovoltaic parks (with mortgage on land property)
  • medical devices
  • industrial equipment
  • business property (industrial premises, offices, warehouses, hotels, parkings, etc.)
  • business equipment
  • professional equipment.

Lessee’s Participation/Security: 

As per existing credit criteria set by Alpha Bank’s current Regulations in force.

Interest Rate

Variable, plus margin. 


The Programme's repayment is made with payments, on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis, the amount of which is paid at the beginning of the pre-agreed lease period. The lease payments can be variable and adjusted to the business’ cash flows.


Alpha Leasing remains the owner of the fixed asset while the relevant leasing contract is in effect. Upon expiry, by paying the predetermined acquisition cost, ownership is transferred to you.  

Early repayment

You can terminate your contract with Alpha Leasing, any time, before its expiration.  As a prerequisite for the termination, you will need to pay the lease instalments remaining until the expiration of the respective contract, at a contractual rate reduced by a pre-agreed percentage, plus the redemption price, as stipulated by the leasing contract.