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Through collaboration and flexibility, we can do more

Collaboration, adaptation and support

With the agile way of working, people from different fields come together and work closely in small teams to accomplish a common goal. These groups handle each project with a gradual approach, breaking it down into short cycles, proceeding step-by-step towards the ultimate result. At the centre of the process lies the feedback from our clients and stakeholders, internal or external. Based on this feedback, the teams make improvements or change their course, if required.  

We have been setting up agile teams since 2018 for the most important projects related to the overall customer digital experience. Many other groups started adopting this model, even to update internal process. Nowadays, the main Alpha Bank units have adapted their work model to the agile philosophy.

Our agile teams bring results

The agile mentality is now a part of our daily lives and it delivers results. Using the agile way of working, we have created advanced services and products, such as:

  • Prepaid bleep card. The first smartphone app in Greek banking for issuing a prepaid card online.
  • Retail Onboarding. Updated process for new retail clients to open their first account with Alpha Bank and get a debit card and e-Banking credentials, either online or at a branch.
  • Representation renewal. Updated process, either online through e-Banking for Businesses or at a branch.
  • Digital Business Onboarding. Online process for new business customers to open an account and get e-Banking credentials.
  • MyAlpha Quick Loan. Online consumer loan through e-Banking, without supporting documents, assessed and disbursed on the spot.

We are expanding agile thinking and agile working

To build and expand the agile mindset, we are developing different tools and actions.

Agile Academy

The Agile Academy aims at fostering a new flexible approach to working, i.e. the agile approach. It is addressed to everyone and includes: 

  • Digital material (e-Learnings, books, articles, case studies).
  • Masterclasses on specific topics, with interactive exercises and workshops.
  • Educational events for knowledge sharing and discussions among participants and speakers.
  • Mentoring.

Agile Bankers Community

The enthusiastic community of Agile Bankers aims to inform about and spark interest in the agile mindset. It is an open community, sharing experiences and practices through regular meet-ups, and aiming to better apply the agile way of working in our daily lives.
It already numbers more than 120 members from different Alpha Bank departments, divisions and branches.

Agile squads 

To facilitate this new way of working, we form cross-functional teams that are organised in squads. In this manner, multiple teams work together to accomplish a common goal. This way squad members learn about the agile way of working in practice.

Management participation

The agile mindset is for everyone and we want to spread it across all levels.
We develop educational programmes for our mid-level and senior executives, and organise reverse mentoring programmes for our top management with our Agile Bankers.


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