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With the authority of a reliable institutional investor

Alpha Ventures, the very first Private Equity / Venture Capital Company in Greece, spearheads the Group’s investment activities in Private Equity / Venture Capital. It was established in 1990 and to this date has carried out investments in enterprises operating in various economic activity sectors, both in Greece and abroad. In parallel, it also attracts investors from Greece or abroad and arranges financing in the form of bilateral or syndicated loans.

The Company:

  • invests in new or dynamically growing enterprises not listed in the Stock Exchange, usually by participating in their share capital
  • provides active assistance to the enterprises in which it invests
  • has a long-term participation horizon (over 3-5 years).

Alpha Ventures is actively monitoring the enterprises in its portfolio, providing them with assistance on financial, legal and strategy matters during the initial financing stage as well as later on.

It also offers support in areas that are crucial for sound and sustained enterprise growth, such as:

  • access to capital markets, through admission to the Stock Exchange
  • financial planning
  • business alliances, commercial partnerships, mergers and acquisitions
  • attraction of new staff
  • entry to new markets.

In addition to the above, the participation of Alpha Ventures in the share capital of a rapidly growing company contributes the authority of a reliable institutional investor and provides access to the products and services of the Alpha Bank Group.

The Company is staffed by specialist Executives possessing significant knowledge and experience and the drive to seek business partners for financing and supporting their growth. 

The skills of its human resources, its attention to detail and the sense of responsibility to the Customer, combined with its size and investment capabilities, make Alpha Ventures one of the leading Private Equity / Venture Capital companies in Greece.

Our priority is on Greek companies and on companies active in the wider region of Southeastern Europe, characterised by predictable cash flows and clear growth prospects, and on investments with a predetermined period for liquidation, either via internal cash flow or via their sale to a strategic investor or listing on a regulated capital market.