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Comprehensive range of mutual funds and investment services

Alpha Asset Management M.F.M.C. works exclusively on the management of mutual funds as well as the Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS) and other collective investment organizations. It also provides a comprehensive range of investment services:

  • management of investment portfolios, including portfolios held by pension funds
  • investment advice for one or more financial instruments  
  • custodian and administrative management services for units of collective investment organizations 
  • asset management services for institutional portfolios in accordance with specific investment guidelines
  • consulting services to institutional Customers, such as existing portfolio analysis, suggested treasury allocation strategies and regular portfolio restructuring.

The Company has 20 mutual funds that invest in Greece and abroad, covering all investment categories and providing its Clients with a wide range of investment options. It also has  four mutual funds (Funds of Funds), hence expanding the range of investment options for its Clients:

  • Alpha (LUX) Global Defensive FoF
  • Alpha (LUX) Global Balanced FoF 
  • Alpha (LUX) Global Equity FoF
  • Alpha (LUX) Global Themes FoF

Finally, Alpha Asset Management M.F.M.C. has set up an Investment Committee, responsible for providing the Private Banking Division of Alpha Bank with investment guidelines on portfolio structuring for Private Banking Customers.

Exceptional performance for Alpha Mutual Funds in 2019!

In the category of MFs that invest in Greek bonds and equities, Alpha Greek Bond Fund Classic (+34,5%) and Alpha Greek Balanced Fund Classic (+38,9%) ranked at the leading M/Fs in their category in 2019 and also remain at the top over a three and five-year horizon in the Greek market. Equally significant is the distinction of Alpha Greek Corporate Bond Fund (11,3%) that stands out first among M/Fs of relevant investment policy. Outstanding returns were also recorded by Greek equity MFs Alpha Blue Chips Greek Equity Classic (+43,9%) and Alpha Aggressive Strategy Greek Equity Classic (+42,4%) achieving the highest Alpha Mutual Funds’ returns of 2019.

Among MFs with an international orientation, Alpha Cosmos Stars USA Equity Fund of Funds Classic (+28,2%) and Alpha Cosmos Stars Europe Equity Fund of Funds Classic (+24,6%) were ranked in the first two positions in 2019 among 33 M/Fs in their category, while Alpha Cosmos Stars USA Equity Fund of Funds Classic remained top performer over a three-year and five-year horizon. Equally significant performance noted by Alpha Global Blue Chips Equity Fund Classic (+26,7%) and by Alpha Global Allocation Balanced Fund Classic (+15,3%), that achieved the highest return among the funds of its category with exclusive global orientation.

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