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Distinctions 2020

Ε-volution Awards 2021

Alpha Bank's innovative Digital Business Onboarding service was awarded a Gold Award at the E-volution Awards 2021, in the category "User Interface". 
The new digital service was awarded for the unique experience it offers companies, so that they may begin their banking relationship easily, quickly and remotely through a modern and simple interface. This distinction is a recognition of the Bank's innovative digital services and at the same time highlights its commitment to deliver modern solutions and tools that will offer business Customers improved experience and even more quality service.

Alpha Bank named Shipping Financier of the Year at Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards 2020

Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards 2020 ended with a significant distinction for Alpha Bank, which was named Shipping Financier of the Year. 
The award is a major success for Alpha Bank, highlighting the Bank’s commitment to deliver quality services to its shipping Customers, even under the challenging circumstances caused by the pandemic. In particular, the award concerns the new funding that exceeded USD 850 million, provided in order to support existing and new Customers proceed with investments related to the purchase or construction of ships. This resulted in the increase of the portfolio balance to USD 2.9 billion. At the same time, the Bank maintained the high quality in terms of its shipping banking services, by the Shipping Division and Branch, in order to support the activities of its shipping companies and private Customers. The Bank continues to actively support its shipping Customers and meet their needs in the best possible way.

Alpha Bank’s investor relations team ranks first in the “Executive Teams Research” of 

Alpha Bank’s Investor and Analyst Relations Division won the first place, for yet another year, in the “Best IR Team Overall – Sell-Side Only- EMEA Financials” category of the “Executive Teams Research”. Conducted by the credible international business site, the survey highlights the top professionals in the international institutional investor sector.

Moreover, Alpha Bank won third place in the “Best IR Team Overall” category, while it was the only Greek bank to rank first in one of the categories that are part of this prestigious international survey, which features the participation of thousands of capital managers and analysts from around the world.

These distinctions are indicative of Alpha Bank's strong recognition among the investors community, given its steadily high performance in the investor relations sector.


Alpha Bank named “Best Bank in Greece” for 2020 by the international financial publication “Euromoney”

Alpha Bank has been named “Best Bank in Greece” for 2020, at the “Awards for Excellence 2020” by the international financial publication “Euromoney” due to its adaptability, robust capital position and commitment to social responsibility throughout the recent COVID-19 crisis.
According to the selection committee, Alpha Bank was recognized for maintaining prudent capital management with the ambitious launch of one of the largest NPE securitizations in the European market this year, which aims to almost halve both the group's NPE and NPL ratios.


Alpha Bank has also proven its resilience and ability to adjust to a changing world through its digitalization transformation strategy. This has already brought significant progress in the bank's retail and business on-boarding. Finally, Alpha Bank is proud to have offered a range of measures to support its Customers through the economic uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has included – on top of state supported loan programs - a financing of Euro 2.3 billion to Businesses, year to date, as well as a variety of loan extensions and payment deferrals to our Customers.


Best Issuing Bank in Southern Europe for 2019

Alpha Bank was named “Best Issuing Bank in Southern Europefor 2019 by The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, rewarding its consistently high performance in promoting international trade.

This distinction recognizes Alpha Bank's leading position in promoting international trade, as part of its highly efficient participation in the Global Trade Finance Program – GTFP.


Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) 2020

Alpha Bank was included, for the second consecutive year, in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) one of the most important indices for businesses around the world, for its commitment to the reinforcement of gender equality and advancement of women in the workplace.


e-Volution Awards 2020

The new Bonus Program application (Bonus App) of Alpha Bank was awarded with three prizes, for its high popularity and the innovations it introduces in the mobile business sector, at the annual e-Volution Awards 2020.

  • Gold Award in the category “Mobile app”
  • Gold Award in the category User Interface”
  • Silver Award in the category “Redesign – Relaunch (Website | e-shop | App)”.


Distinctions 2019

Global Private Banking Awards 2019

Alpha Bank was named “Best Private Bank in Greece” for 2019 at the "Global Private Banking Awards 2019” that were held in London, on October 31, 2019, organised by the internationally acclaimed publications “Professional Wealth Management (PWM)” and “The Banker” of the Financial Times Group.

Distinctions for Alpha Bank Group in the Extel Survey for the fifth consecutive year

Alpha Bank gained distinctions, for the fifth consecutive year in the Extel Survey, the long-standing independent study aiming to highlight the best professionals across the European Equities Investment industry, on a yearly basis.

According to the 2019 Survey results, Alpha Bank ranked 1st in Greece in all categories. More specifically:

Our Chief Executive Officer, Vassilios Psaltis was voted Best CEO in Greece.

Our Chief Financial Officer, Lazaros Papagaryfallou was voted Best CFO in Greece.

Alpha Bank’s Investor Relations was ranked 1st in Greece (Corporate Best for Investor Relations).

Dimitrios Kostopoulos, Head of IR and Elena Katopodi, Deputy Head, were voted at the top 2 positions as IR Professionals in Greece amongst all Greek corporates.

Major distinctions for at the Ermis Awards 

Alpha Bank’s new, redesigned website won the following two major distinctions for its improved design and user experience at the Ermis Awards 2018, Greece’s foremost and oldest institution showcasing creativity in communication:

  • Silver Award in the “UI & Usability” category
  • Bronze Award in the “Corporate Sites” category

Alpha Bank received the following distinctions at the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2019:

  • Gold Award in the Business – NGO Collaboration category, for the “Together, for better health” programme.
  • Silver Award in the Disaster Relief category, for its “Response to Natural Disasters”.  
  • Silver Award in the Best Printed Edition / Corporate Responsibly Report category, for its “Corporate Responsibility Report 2017”.

“Voted Product of the Year” 2019

Alpha Bank’s bleep app was named “Voted Product of the Year” in the “Prepaid Card” category, following the national customer survey conducted by the IRI market research company. The “Voted Product of the Year” is one of the largest and most important institutions in product innovation.

e-volution  Awards 2019

Alpha Bank received a Gold and a Silver award for the bleep app at the “e-volution Awards 2019”, which reward best practices in Greek e-commerce and business.

  • Golden award at the Digital Innovation  category 
  • Silver award  for the Mobile app category

Distinctions 2018

In 2018, Alpha Bank won important awards which confirm the quality of the services and products it provides to its Customers.

National Customer Service Awards 2018

Alpha Bank received the “Team of the Year: Customer Service” (Large Organisation Category) award for the bleep app, by the Hellenic Institute of Customer Service, at the National Customer Service Awards.

Global Private Banking Awards 2018

Alpha Bank was named “Best Private Bank in Greece” for 2018 at the "Global Private Banking Awards 2018” that were held in London, on November 7, 2018, organised by the internationally acclaimed publications “Professional Wealth Management (PWM)” and “The Banker” of the Financial Times Group. 

Social Media Awards 2018

Alpha Bank was distinguished for its successful social media presence, at the Social Media Awards 2018. Specifically, it won the following awards:

  • Bronze Award for the best use of social media in Financial Services (Financial Services, “Corporate Social Media Alpha Bank Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube”)
  • Bronze Award for the best use of LinkedIn (“Corporate Social Media Alpha Bank LinkedIn”)

Mobile Excellence Awards 2018

Alpha Bank, continuing to receive awards for its novel and innovative electronic services, received five major distinctions at the Mobile Excellence Awards 2018. Specifically, myAlpha Mobile and myAlpha Wallet received one Grand Award, two Gold Awards and two Silver Awards in the following categories:

  • Grand Award for the multiple distinctions of the Alpha Bank Mobile applications
  • Gold Awards in the "Mobile Banking Services" and "Mobile Wallet" categories
  • Silver Awards in the "Business Process Re-engineering though Mobile" and "Use of Mobile for P2P Payment" categories for myAlpha Mobile.

Alpha Bank named “Best Bank in Greece” for 2018 by the international financial publication “Euromoney” 

Alpha Bank was named “Best Bank in Greece” for 2018, at the “Awards for Excellence 2018”, held by the international financial publication “Euromoney”, at a special event in London, on July 11, 2018.

The award is presented annually to banks whose dynamic profile in the international and regional markets in which they operate sets them apart from the competition and are chosen following an in-depth analysis of their qualitative and quantitative figures. According to the selection committee, Alpha Bank was distinguished for its superior performance in 2018 ECB’s Stress Tests among Greek systemic Banks, as well as its solid operational profitability, the highest in the sector for another consecutive year.

Major distinctions for Alpha Bank Group on “Extel Survey 2018”

Alpha Bank gained significant distinctions in the annual international survey conducted by Extel, aiming to highlight the best professionals at a Pan-European level.

More specifically, Alpha Bank's Managing Director – CEO, Mr. Demetrios P. Mantzounis was voted 2nd Best CEO in Greece and 19th in Europe, out of a total of 97 CEOs of European Banks.

Alpha Bank's General Manager – Chief Financial Officer, Mr Vassilios E. Psaltis was voted Best CFO in Greece and 7th in Europe, out of a total of 92 CFOs across European Banks.

The Bank's Investor Relations professionals, Mr Dimitrios Kostopoulos, Head of Investor Relations and Mrs Elena Katopodi, Deputy Manager of Investor Relations, reached the top 2 positions amongst all Greek corporates as IR Professionals in Greece, occupying positions within the top 10 IR professionals for Banks on a Pan-European level, out of a total of 328.

More than 11,300 investment professionals participated in the Extel Survey 2018, from a total of 2,923 buy-side and sell-side firms and 1,531 listed companies, covering a broad spectrum of industries, such as banking, pharmaceuticals, automobile, oil industry, telecommunications, transportation, utilities and others.

The results above are indicative of Alpha Bank's strong recognition among the investment community, with foreign institutional investors comprising 81% of our total shareholder's base.

Distinctions 2017

Alpha Bank won more major distinctions in 2017, for its performance in the field of financial services and for the implementation of new, innovative technologies.

Financial services

Extel Survey 2017 

In the framework of Extel's annual survey of leading professionals in the financial services sector in Europe, Alpha Bank and the Investor and Analyst Relations Division ranked respectively: 

  • 1st in Greece (Corporate Best for Investor Relations - Greece), for the fourth consecutive year, out of 30 companies
  • 9th (Corporate Best for Investor Relations - Banks) among 139 European banks 
  • 38th among the 100 leading companies in Europe (Top 100 Corporates Best for Investor Relations - Pan Europe). 

E-banking / digital presence

Mobile Excellence Awards 2017

The myAlpha Mobile services and myAlpha Wallet won one Grand Award, three Gold Awards and one Silver Award, confirming the successful evolution of Alpha Bank’s electronic services: 

  • Grand Award for the multiple distinctions of the Alpha Bank mobile applications
  • Gold Awards in the “Mobile Banking Services”, “Mobile App Usability” and “Mobile Wallet” categories 
  • Silver Award in the “Security Solution” category for the Alpha Mobile Banking app.

Lighthouse e-volution awards 2017

Alpha Bank received six important distinctions –two Gold and four Silver Awards– for myAlpha Wallet, Alpha e-Commerce and the Alpha Bank electronic payment services, in recognition of the Bank's successful design of new, innovative services to meet the needs of its Customers, both Individuals and Businesses, in the best possible way. 

More specifically, Alpha Bank received the following awards:

  • Gold award in the “Innovative Banking Services” category for myAlpha Wallet, the new digital wallet by Alpha Bank
  • Gold award in the “Electronic Payment Systems” category for myAlpha Wallet
  • Silver award in the Usability category for myAlpha Wallet
  • Silver award in the “e-business Application Redesign” category for the upgraded Alpha e-Commerce platform
  • Silver award in the ”Digital Strategy (e-Strategy)” category for its electronic payments strategy
  • Silver award in the “B2C Payment” category for the Alpha e-Commerce service.
Other recent distinctions
Secure electronic transactions
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