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Financing in 4 stages

Find out how we help you through every stage of the process to take out an RRF loan and co-financing from Alpha Bank quickly and easily.

Supporting documents for the investment plan file

Find out what supporting documents you need to submit for your investment plan to be evaluated.

For your business and investment plan

For your business

  • Name and size

For your investment plan

  • Title and description
  • Start and end date
  • Place (municipality)
  • List of expenditures
  • Detailed description of the required subsidies and expenditures, as well as supporting documents demonstrating that the compatibility conditions are met.

For the financing scheme

Financing scheme analysis

  • RRF loan percentage
  • Alpha Bank co-financing loan percentage.
  • Own-fund percentage.

You must also state the RRF loan interest rate you are requesting.

For compliance with the legislation

Solemn declarations

  • Regarding the compliance of your investment plan to the national and European legislation for the environment and your commitment that the investment plan does not include excluded activities.
  • Regarding the state subsidies you are requesting, or have been received or approved for the investment plan (de minimis, general block exemption regulation etc.). 

For environmental compliance

Environmental objectives

  • Documentation regarding compliance with the do no significant harm principle.
  • Environmental Impact Study for biodiversity-related investment plans.

For green and digital tagging

Compliance with eligible expenditures

  • List of the investment categories (pillars) and the benchmarks achieved by the investment plan.
  • Justification of the expenditures in terms of meeting the EU goals for climate change and the environment or for digital transformation, and calculation of the contribution of the investment plan to the NRRP’s digital and green tagging.
How we help you
Discover the comprehensive solutions we offer and find out how we help you take out an RRF loan with co-financing from Alpha Bank.

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