Branch Network
Alpha Bank’s shareholder base, at 31.03.2021, includes approximately 115,000 investors. 

The breakdown of Alpha Bank shareholders as at 31.03.2021 was, for descriptive (non-regulatory) purposes as follows:


Shares Number of Shareholders  Number of Shares % Shares
1 < shares < = 10.000 110,483 53,415,712 3.88
10.001 < shares < = 50.000 3,354 75,059,024 5.45
50.001 < shares < = 150.000 742 61,775,520 4.49
150.001 < shares < = 1.000.000 391 151,064,663 10.97
> 1.000.001 shares 180 1,035,492,011 75.21
Total(1) 115,150 1,376,806,930 100.000
HFSF 1 169,174,167 10.94
Total(2) 115,151 1,545,981,097 100.000


Alpha Bank shareholders excluding the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (“HFSF”) hold 1,376,806,930 voting shares of the Bank. On top of the above, the HFSF holds 169,174,167 common, registered, voting, dematerialized shares. The exercise of voting rights of HFSF shares is subject to restrictions according to Article 7a of L.3864/2010.
Secure electronic transactions
The security of your transactions is our priority. We ask our Customers to follow the guidelines for the security of electronic transactions provided by Alpha Bank, especially at this time that phishing attacks have significantly increased.

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