Branch Network

Career Opportunities

In Alpha Bank, our people are the driving force for achieving the Group’s strategic goals and for the continuation of its dynamic growth. We focus in attracting young talents, as well as in retaining them and supporting their further development, on a professional and on a personal level, through a series of strategic identification and training activities. 

We are also implementing a policy of equal opportunities and we defend diversity, regardless of gender, religion, nationality, age, colour of skin, race, socio-economic background, sexual orientation or political beliefs. 

Recruiting takes place based on the  annual planning of needs, while the attraction of new Executives and their evaluation is carried out with meritocratic procedures and modern selection tools, such as structured personal interviews and skill tests developed by internationally recognised organisations.

Furthermore, as part of our efforts to attract young talent and establish genuine links with Universities, we implement focused internship programmes for the employment of graduate and/or postgraduate students. We also participate in University career days organised by the corresponding student liaison offices, so that we can directly contact young professionals entering the labour market.