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Ensure your company's day-to-day smooth operation

Get the liquidity you need in your everyday business activity plus the necessary working capital that will boost your business's productivity.

Strengthen your business by getting the premium Alpha Bank financing you need to meet your short-term needs:

  • purchase of goods - raw materials
  • payments to suppliers
  • payment of expenses related to the production and trade cycle (turnover, cash turnover).

Loan financing

We offer you financing, the limit of which is shaped in line with the production and trade cycle of your business.

The interest rate

The interest rate is fixed based on Alpha Bank's tariff policy and interest is paid every calendar quarter or half year.

Loan performance

Your loan is repaid at regular pre-arranged intervals in line with the trade cycle of your business with the option to be re-granted the repaid principal.

You choose how your loan will be serviced:

  • partial payments
  • lump-sum payment by the expiry of prearranged deadlines
  • automatic credit of the proceeds from liquidation of assigned receivables.

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