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Move with ease and security in your business activity

Boost your company's development by taking advantage of the benefits and effectiveness of factoring and forfaiting services that Alpha Bank Group offers you.

ABC Factors, a 100% subsidiary of Alpha Bank Group, offers you a wide range of Domestic and International Factoring services as well as Forfaiting, both in primary and secondary markets.

By building on ABC Factors services for managing and collecting receivables, you boost your company's development, while at the same time you may take advantage of additional liquidity stemming from repayment of trade receivables

Factoring Services

  • Financing through discounting trade receivables to the supplier
  • Coverage of credit risk of debtors
  • Collection of receivables 
  • Management and Accounting control of Accounts Receivables 
  • Credit assessment of the buyers 

Moreover, ABC FACTORS offers a wide range of derived services, such as reverse factoring and forfaiting, as well as international factoring services (imports and export Factoring) as an FCI member, and at the same time it offers coverage of trade credits in more than 70 countries

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Enterprises that are able to use factoring services, have the following characteristics usually: 

  • They sell on credit
  • They have a constant and sufficiently disseminated clientèle
  • They demonstrate constant and / or increasing turnover. 


Using the modern Factoring and Forfaiting services you can experience comparative advantages that will assist in your company's development, such as:

  • immediate liquidity, depending on your company's sales thus assisting your financial planning
  • enhancement of bargaining position and competitiveness of supplier due to increased liquidity 
  • reduction of operating cost through accounts receivable control and collection by ABC Factors
  • facilitation of exporting and importing activity 
  • personalised support, management and collection of trade receivables, according to each supplier's credit policy and commercial practices.

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