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Simple Imports

Make the most of this practical service by myAlpha Web for transactions related to international imports and pay your suppliers abroad directly, in euro or foreign currencies, by choosing:

  • urgent priority for specific currencies
  • normal priority for all currencies
  • payment at a future date (euro only)
  • same-day payment for foreign supplier accounts held at Alpha Bank

Moreover, this service gives you the option to print out and save a receipt with a cost breakdown and a copy of the payment order (swift).

Necessary conditions

  • A visit to your local branch to register your company in the Bank’s System of International Trade Transactions (Bank Trade) and possibly set an import limit for your company subscription.
  • Activation of myAlpha Code for your subscription.
  • The transfer amount must be up to the equivalent of €500,000 (in euro or foreign currency), without currency conversion per transaction.

Transfer limits

If you wish to pay for imports over €50,000 per transaction, as initially set for security reasons, you must first apply to increase the limit of individual imports and/or the Daily Transaction Limit, if required, at an Alpha Bank Branch.

You can reduce the limits of your subscription at any time through the myAlpha Web settings.


Payment must not involve:

  • Documentary Collections received from a bank, transport company or commercial agent containing conditions for Alpha Bank, such as instructions for delivering documents for payment/acceptance, paying commission to an agent, or paying a transport or insurance company, etc.
  • Clean Collections, such as Letters of Intent, Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange or Cheques, containing conditions for Alpha Bank
  • Payment of liabilities from an existing differed settlement import file
  • Letters of Guarantee or Stand-by Letters of Credit
  • Letters of Credit

For the types of payments listed above, which cannot be carried out through the Simple Imports service, you may use the Alpha Web International Trade e-service, if you have subscribed to it, or visit the nearest Alpha Bank branch.


  • If the beneficiary holds an Alpha Bank account, the transfer is carried out at no cost.
  • You can opt to pay all the fees (OUR) or just the Alpha Bank fees (SHA). If you choose SHA, the transfer fees are shared between the sender and the beneficiary. If you choose OUR, the beneficiary of the transfer order receives the whole amount, as you pay the charges of their bank. The Alpha Bank fees per transaction for the payment of foreign suppliers for Simple Imports are available in the current Alpha Bank price list.
  • In case the sender requests to cancel, modify or investigate a certain payment already sent by Alpha Bank to the recipient bank, they are charged with the corresponding fees. Note that the Bank is not liable if the cancellation or modification, for any reason, is not successful and the payment is not cancelled, modified or refunded.

Simper Imports per user level

Simple users

  • Prepare Simple Import transactions for approval by authorised users.
  • Cancel transactions before they are approved by the authorised users.

Authorised users

  • Prepare and approve or reject Simple Import transactions, as entered either by themselves or by the simple users.
  • Cancel entered orders, provided their status is “Pending”, i.e. until they are approved by the approving users (if applicable) or until they are executed.

Approving users (if applicable)

  • Approve or reject Simple Import transactions, as entered either by themselves or by the simple users.
  • Cancel entered orders, provided their status is “Pending” i.e. until they are approved by the approving users (if applicable) or until they are executed.

The approval may be given until the final transaction cut-off at the selected transfer date, depending on the currency.
To cancel an order that has already been executed (status “Successful”), you must visit your local Branch.