Branch Network

Because you deserve the best investment opportunities from all over the world

By adopting the "Open Architecture" model in investment services, Alpha Bank provides you, as member registered for Alpha Bank Gold Personal Banking, with the option to select from a number of comprehensive investment products offered by top and internationally acclaimed investment firms on the largest markets worldwide.

Mutual Funds

You can choose today from a wide range of mutual funds managed by top investment firms:

You can choose from a range of comprehensive investment options of Alpha Asset Management M.F.M.C., a company of the Alpha Bank Group with long-standing experience in managing domestic and international mutual funds.

With respect to specific Funds of Funds of Alpha Asset Management M.F.M.C., a selection is made from the mutual funds of the above international investment firms. 

Brokerage services

Through ALPHA FINANCE S.A., you can enjoy top quality services for your stock market transactions, quick execution, diverse financial information as well as corporate and business news in real time from reliable sources.

International bonds

You have access to a wide range of selected government and corporate international bonds.

Financial instruments are not bank deposits. They neither constitute obligations of, nor are guaranteed by, Alpha Bank or its affiliates or subsidiaries (unless they are products issued or expressly and specifically guaranteed by them). They are also subject to investment risks, including the eventual loss of initial capital, and may not be guaranteed by the State or any public agency. UCITS DO NOT HAVE A GUARANTEED RETURN AND PAST PERFORMANCE DOES NOT GUARANTEE FUTURE RETURNS.