Branch Network

Because you deserve to have someone you can trust by your side

Your relationship with your Personal Consultant is of paramount importance for us at Alpha Bank Gold Personal Banking service, and is defined by two key aspects: close collaboration and constant communication with you.

Qualifications, experience, sophisticated tools

Your Personal Consultant is responsible for the overall relationship you have with the Bank and acts as your key source of information with:

  • adequate financial qualifications
  • experience in international markets
  • sophisticated tools.

Based on such knowledge and qualifications, your Personal Consultant stands by your side to help you cover your banking needs and manage effectively your assets.

Expert team of investment portfolio analysts

Your Personal Consultant is supported by an expert team of executives for investment portfolio analysis. Its purpose is to provide comprehensive services to meet your investment needs. As a member of Alpha Bank Gold Personal Banking, you will be receiving at regular intervals reports on market analysis and brochures with a view to helping you better understand the current investment and financial data at the time of their issuance.

Meanwhile, based on your investment profile, suitable solutions are proposed in the context of a weighted risk portfolio with the applicable selected time horizon.