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Alpha Housing Loans
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Alpha Housing Loans

Did you ever dream of buying your own house? Now you can make that dream come true with the housing loans offered by Alpha Bank.
With ┴lpha Housing Loans you can finance the purchase of a home or other property, either for your own use or as an investment. Alpha Bank also finances the purchase of a plot, as well as the construction, extension or repair of a building.
Moreover, you can transfer a loan from another bank, without fees and expenses.
The loan authorisation is granted within 24 hours, and as a general rule, the maximum loan amount must not exceed 75% of the value of the property.The disbursement is made upon the completion of the mortgage prenotation process. 

┴lpha Housing Loans offer you repayment flexibility as well as many other privileges. Learn now about our attractive terms and select the type of loan most suitable to your requirements.




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